Long gone are those days of having a business website floating in the ether because you were told your needed one but not really knowing what it was really supposed to do. Every time you thought about it, it was just an expense you couldn’t really understand.

These days your website is often your businesses window to the world, marketing assistant, sales tool and much more. As such, it needs to be up to the challenge of getting on google, loading fast, wowing your visitors, turning them into prospective customers and paying for itself. That’s a lot to ask. And everything keeps changing so rapidly.

Load Time

Loading time is critical for your website and should always be a priority. It affects the user experience considerably. In addition to providing a lag-free and responsive user experience, a fast loading website also has a direct impact on the overall performance of the site and your search engine ranking.

  • Faster loading websites benefit from better user engagement, higher conversion rates, higher SEO rankings and much more.
  • Improving website speed is critical, but it can be a daunting process that involves many moving parts between onsite optimization to network and accessibility configurations. However, if performance truly matters, you have no choice but to take it on one step at a time.
  • A good place to start would be to run some tests and find out how fast your website really is.
  • Speeding up your website is critical – not just for ranking well with Google, but to keep your bottom-line profits high.