Our story

Adam Fletcher is the founder of Dinosaurus. Adam commenced his career in advertising, graphic design and digital arts around the time of the introduction of the internet. With further academic credentials in computing and information management he was able to address the needs of an evolving market and the birth of the online era.

Adam’s ethos has always been ‘if the work is fun and creatively challenging then it’s not really work, it’s a vocation and the energy that emanates from that will drive the success of the business and its culture.’ And more than 20 years later that ethos still rings true.

Adam first made the career leap in January 1999 and set about establishing one of the first digital agencies dedicated to designing and developing websites. This opened up huge opportunities and the business grew over time.

“I remember, our first office was in a new warehouse complex in Richmond, right near the Richmond Station. Within 12 months we had to move into larger premises closer to the city to be able to handle the growth and demand.” – Adam

Along with addressing the growing needs of businesses for for websites, Dinosaurus continued to provide services in the traditional design and branding disciplines and so became a true full service agency.

Dinosaurus also evolved with the times and continues to grow our service offering.

We now focus a lot on digital branding, social media marketing and online sales as this is where the greatest need and demand exists these days.

We’ve built an enviable reputation and clientele for over twenty years as a full service digital agency, providing creative advertising inspiration to our partners and supporters.

Award winning, always evolving and true to our values. Dinosaurus.